The Cane and Rush Restoration Company

The Cane and Rush Restoration Company

Cane Chair Restoration:

As a professional chair caner I can be undertake all types of woven seating includingL sunburst backs, spiderbacks, blind caning, gypsy or closed caning and centre caning.

Danish Cord Chairs:

Seating replaced with Danish cord in all the popular styles, using appropriate cording nails.

Rush Seat Replacement:

Chairs can be rerushed in either saltwater rush or in a paper alternative, as well as various forms of seating cord such as Danish cord or seagrass.

Repairs to furniture can also be undertaken including regluing loose chairs, repair or replacement of broken legs etc.

Please go to the gallery link at the head of the page to view examples of chair caning, chair rushing and Danish cord chair restoration.Click on the contact link at the top of the page, and feel free to email or telephone Chris for friendly advice…

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